Head office
We, Kikusui Tape Co., Ltd. care for you, think over your feelings and offer our useful products to everyone in the world.
We, Kikusui Tape Co., Ltd. have dedicated ourselves to producing a PSA tape from the day of establishing our company in 1949 and developed PSA tapes that meet diversified markets and needs.
Now we are patronized by many business world; for packaging fields,industrial use, construction industry, stationery industry, agricultural world and safety road marking industry etc,.
Since our establishment, we have received considerable support from many people. “Bonds of humans” and “Technology of adhesive tape” accumulated among them are our valuable treasures.
We make sure to pursue the production of PSA tapes with these priceless properties and strive to become a company that contributes to society.
We look forward to your everlasting business with us and our products.
Daisuke NISHIZAWA, President


Company Name Kikusui Tape Co., Ltd.
Address [Head office] No.9-14-31 Higashi Yamamoto Shinmachi, Yao city, Osaka, 581-0866 JAPAN
TEL / FAX 072-924-8881 / 072-924-8883
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Foundation September 23th, 1949
Representative Daisuke NISHIZAWA, President
Capital JPY48,000,000.00 ( Fisical Year-End : December 20th )
Employees 145
Description of business PSA tape manufacture, Sales and Export
Associated Company Taiwan Kikusui Tape Co., Ltd.
Main bank MUFG Bank, Ltd. Mizuho Bank, Ltd. Kansai Mirai Bank, Ltd. The Osaka City Shinkin Bank
Nabari factory